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If you’re looking for a way to provide natural ambience and light in your home, Clean Flames' bio ethanol fireplaces are the simple, natural solution you’re looking for. Clean Flames Eco-friendly fireplaces provide beautiful, clean flames without fumes, odors, nor smoke. They’re a quick, easy way to bring an old fireplace back to life, add interesting decor to your home’s interior, or set the stage for outdoor socializing.


Clean Flames offers a wide variety of bioethanol fireplaces, all with easy-to-use, clean-burning technology that will provide hours of light and warmth. Our offering includes:

  • Tabletop fireplaces
  • Wall fireplaces
  • Floor fireplaces
  • Fireboxes
  • Burners
  • Torches
  • And much more


Our versatile products allow you the freedom to design your space and control your home’s atmosphere. Our fireplaces are safe to use, attractive, and easy to maintain. We guarantee that your fireplace will help to create the atmosphere you’re looking for in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or even outdoor area. Made using cutting-edge technology, all of our fireplace models are built to provide beautiful, Eco-friendly light and warmth, use after use, year after year.

Ventless Ethanol Fireplaces at

Our fireplace collection burns liquid ethanol fuel, otherwise known as denatured alcohol. During combustion, only heat, water vapor and trace amounts of carbon dioxide are emitted. Because of this clean burn, ethanol fireplaces do not require special ventilation.
Ethanol Fireplaces are odorless at

When it burns, liquid ethanol fuel is odorless. Only in its raw state and immediately after the flames are extinguished (much like a candle), will it emit a slight and brief smell of alcohol.
Ethanol Fireplaces at leave no mess

Ethanol fireplaces produce no ash, soot nor embers. Truly a clean burning fireplace, there is no mess to clean up after use. Simply extinguish the flame and you're finished.



With an iconic mid-century modern aesthetic, the renowned Malm Fireplace is now offered as a clean-burning, ventless model. Malm, a historic company that has been a trailblazer in the manufacture of freestanding fireplaces since the 1960's, is pairing their iconic design with a more Eco-sensitive approach with the help of Artec Fire. Now offered with a Super Bio Fuel burner or with brand new Aqua Fire technology.

Learn More and Design Your Malm >>


Long Automatic Fireplace Insert       
Modulo Ethanol Fireplace Ribbon System
For those who demand the best and detest the mundane, there is modulo. A modular fire ribbon system that allows for designs otherwise impossible with standard ethanol burners, modulo is the most versatile ethanol burning system worldwide. One may create fire ribbons in zig-zagged, "U"-shaped, "V"-shaped or any other configuration imaginable up to 51 feet. All powered by a single remote control with the possibility of Smart Home integration. Safe. Smart. Anything but mundane. Modulo.      Learn More

Custom Ethanol Fireplace Design - Zig Zag
   Custom Ethanol Fireplace Design - U Shape
Custom Ethanol Fireplace Design - V Shape


Cocoon Aeris Ceiling Mounted Ethanol Fireplace
Cocoon Terra Freestanding Ethanol Fireplace
Cocoon Vellum Wall Mounted Ethanol Fireplace

Cocoon Fireplaces were designed by industrial designer Federico Otero. A celebrated designer, Otero was born in Lima, Peru and was educated at Purdue University. His design experience grew from working with companies such as Tag Heuer and Delta Faucets. By melding his culture, education, professional experience and stellar eye for high-end design, Cocoon was born.

The Cocoon Series includes: Aeris; a ceiling mounted fireplace, Terra; a freestanding fireplace and Vellum; a wall mounted fireplace. Each model is offered in stainless steel or black finishes and employs the use of bio ethanol fuel for its clean burning display.
Cocoon Fires available at


Ethanol Fireplace Insert - Clean Flames
manual ethanol fireplace inserts 

Designed to drop into a custom surround, manual ethanol fireplace inserts may be employed to power your design. Offered from 12" to 62", these fireplace burners offer simplistic installation and use.
Automatic Ethanol Burner with Remote - Clean Flames
automatic ethanol burners
Using cutting edge burn and safety technology, our collection of automatic ethanol burners are powered by remote control and may be integrated into Smart Home systems. Offered from 16" to 72" and beyond.
Zero-Clearance Ethanol Firebox - Clean Flames
ethanol fireboxes

Using patent-pending safety technology, ethanol fireboxes provides a safe way to introduce fire into your project. With no needed clearance, an ethanol firebox may be built into and faced with any material at your discretion.
Ethanol Wall Fireplace - Clean Flames
ethanol wall fireplaces

With the largest ethanol wall fireplace offering anywhere, Clean Flames offers those that may be hung on the wall with no construction and those that may be recessed into it with little construction. Both modern and traditional designs.

Bio-Blaze Ethanol Fireplaces available at



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Clean Flames is considered a leader in ethanol fireplaces and ethanol fireplace inserts. Offering quality brands at the best price, Clean Flames offers a solution for just about anyone. Whether you're looking for a clean burning fireplace to use on the table, floor or wall, you'll find the largest online selection here. If you're planning a custom fireplace for you or your client, Clean Flames has fireplace burners large to small, manual to automatic. Contact us for assistance in purchasing the ideal fireplace or burner for your space! offers the best in bio ethanol fireplaces and ethanol fireplace burner inserts!

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